Michigan Jaguars Parents Code of Conduct


These are primary conduct guidelines of the Michigan Jaguars. These guidelines cannot possibly cover every situation that will arise over the course of a season, and under certain situations, exceptions can be made according to the best judgment of the head coach. Please keep in mind, however, that the head coach is responsible to the entire team, player families, and the Jaguars soccer program. All decisions will be made with those obligations in mind.
The Jaguars expect all participants to maintain a high standard of conduct at all times, and will enforce the standard firmly and fairly. If and when violations occur, the violator will receive disciplinary action from the Jaguars according to its rules and policies.

Standard of Conduct

  • Set a good example, win or lose! All children are watching; make sure you have a positive attitude toward players, coaches, officials, and spectators.
  • It is crucial that coaches are the only ones providing instruction to players.
  • Refrain from yelling at anyone, especially the referee.
  • Respect the opponents.
  • Support your son/daughter and the team by following the rules regarding equipment, practices, on time and ready to play.  Be sure that your player has the proper clothing and equipment every time he or she enters the soccer field.
  • If a problem exists with a coach or manager follow these steps:
  1. Arrange a meeting with the coach – if that fails:
  2. Contact a Director of Coaching – if that fails:
  3. Contact a board member
It is important that any parent with an issue should take a deep breath and wait 24 hours after the game before setting up a meeting with the coach.