Financial Assistance

The Jaguars Financial Assistance Program aids families whose players would otherwise be unable to play. Several fundraising events help support the fund including the following:

  • Michigan Jaguars Financial Assistance Golf Outing: The Michigan Jaguars organize an annual golf outing benefiting the Michigan Jaguars Financial Assistance Fund. The outing takes place in early June each year.
  • CW3 Financial Assistance Golf Outing: The event benefits the CW3 Jaguars and the CW3 Soccer Association inancial Assistance Funds.
  • Huron Valley Jaguars 3v3 Tournament: The Huron Valley Jaguars host a 3v3 tournament for both children and adults benefiting the Huron Valley Jaguars Financial Assistance Fund each summer.
  • Dearborn Jaguars 3v3 Tournament: The Dearborn Jaguars host a 3v3 tournament for both children and adults benefiting the Dearborn Jaguars Financial Assistance Fund each summer.
To apply for financial assistance, please complete the application linked below and return it per the instructions noted on the application. Applications received by June 1 will be notified by e-mail before tryouts regarding financial assistance for the upcoming season. Afterwards, applications will be accepted on a rolling basis throughout the year.

Finanancial Assistance Application Form

Click here to access the Financial Assistance Application Form.


Kroger Community Rewards

Michigan Jaguars FC has joined the Kroger Community Rewards Program which will donate quarterly to the Jaguar Financial Assistance Fund based on sales made with Kroger Plus Cards that have enrolled and linked to the Michigan Jaguars program. If you shop at Kroger, help benefit another Jaguar family by registering your Kroger Plus Card with these quick, easy steps:  
  1. Register on-line at  
  2. Have your Kroger Plus card number or Alternate ID (phone number) ready.
  3. Don't have a Kroger Plus Card? They are available at any Kroger customer service desk.
  4. Click on "SIGN UP TODAY" in the "New Customer?" box if you are new to their on-line system.
  5. Sign up for the Kroger Rewards Account by entering zip code, clicking on favorite store, entering your email address and creating a password, and agreeing to the terms and conditions.
  6. You will then get a message to check your email inbox and click on the link within the body of the email.
  7. Click on Edit Kroger Community Rewards information and input your Kroger Plus card number or Alternate ID
  8. Update or confirm your information.
  9. Enter NPO #WR174 for the Michigan Jaguars FC and click on confirm.
  10. To verify you are enrolled correctly, you will see the Michigan Jaguar's name of the right side of your information page.
  11. REMEMBER, purchases will not count until after your Kroger Plus card is registered.
  12. Every time you shop at Kroger and use your Kroger Plus card or enter your alternate ID your purchase will benefit a Jaguar family.