Michigan Jaguars FC has partnered with College Fit Finder to help players in our club that are interested in playing college soccer search for schools and stay organized in the recruiting process.  Informational meetings are held several times per season to explain all the benefits of College Fit Finder in the recruiting process. Informational meetings are held during Team Camp in July and during the winter to explain all the benefits of College Fit Finder in the recruiting process.   

All Jaguars' players U15 and above will have an account and player profile on College Fit Finder. Instructions on how to access your account are included below for your convenience. Please take time to go through the website to edit and update your player profile.  

To access College Fit Finder, go to www.collegefitfinder.com. Your username is your first and last name, all lower case with no spaces, like stacyallen. We set up each account with a standard password which is the same as your username. We highly recommend that you change your password (see instructions below). College Fit Finder has video tutorials on the website as well if you need help with the program.  Click the Help Icon when you login to view each video.     

Below is a link to a sample profile for reference. Remember, the more thorough you are, the more college coaches can get to know you as a student athlete. https://www.collegefitfinder.com/members/sampleprofile1/  

Changing Password (Recommended)
Login into www.collegefitfinder.com and click on the “General” tab.  Click the “Change Password” button and save your new password.  

If you are having trouble, you can use the Contact Us section on the Help Tab on the College Fit Finder website.  The College Fit Finder staff will be in touch shortly to help.   For questions not relating to website technical support, please contact Dan Dalzochio, Michigan Jaguars Girls DOC at dalzochio@sbcglobal.net.