Michigan Jaguars
2019-2020 Player Registration Guidelines

Congratulations! Now that your player has been selected as part of the 2019-2020 Michigan Jaguars, there are a few steps to accept/complete the registration process. If you have any questions, contact the Jaguars Administrator Leslie Kirk at Leslie.kirk@michiganjaguarsfc.com or 248-904-0907.


  1. Sign on to your existing Jaguar 2enroll account that was used to register for tryouts, http://mijaguars.2enroll.com. If you did not have a previous account, one would have been created for you at tryouts. DO NOT create a new account. If you do not remember your username and pass word, contact the Jaguar Administrator for help.
  2. The Jaguars will electronically assign each player to a team by June 20. The team name will then appear by his/her name. Please check the team assignment for accuracy – if inaccurate, stop here and contact the Jaguar Administrator.
  3. Please enroll the player into the “Jaguar Team” program which is listed under the “Available Registrations” for each player that has been selected to a team. Note: the corresponding “CD” number listed is for internal accounting purposes.
  4. New and Returning Families – Please check that all contact information (address, e-mails and phone numbers) are accurate for each parent/guardian and make changes/corrections where needed.


  1. When #1 above is completed the Club Dues payment schedule will be available under the Payments Due section of the household account on 2enroll. NOTE: the payment schedule will not be available unless you enroll into the Jaguar Team program as noted above.
  2. The payment section will provide a link to make one payment at a time or pay the balance in full.
  3. Late Payment Policy: 
  • $25 late fee added to account 1 day after due date

  • $25 additional late fee added to account 14 days after due date

  • Coach and Technical directors are notified of overdue balance 21 days after due date for possible player suspension. The payment schedule does not have a “grace period” since the due dates are given in advance and reminders are sent. The timely payment of the club dues is essential to the operation of the club and payments to the coaching staff. Any difficulty making a payment should be brought to the attention of the Club Administrator as soon as possible.

  1. Jaguar Fee Payment Structure - Broken into two types:
  • Club Dues – The Jaguar Club Dues (paid on-line thru 2enroll as noted above) are based on the age group of play with a set amount and payment schedule. The Club Dues portion covers all outdoor league fees, fall/winter/spring training sessions, club administrative expenses and coaching fees.
  • Team Fees – The team fee payment structures are unique to each team and paid directly to the team account by check through the team treasurer. The Team Fees portion covers the cost of tournament expenses, indoor league fees and referee fees.


  1. Download and print the below pdf checklist and documents required based on the players specific team:

MSDSL Documents

MSPSL (Premier) Documents

MWC/GLC/Director's Academy Documents




  1. For the date/time/place of each team’s meeting, click here.
  2. Bring required documents to the kick off meeting.
  3. At the kickoff meeting:
  • Coach Meeting - Coaches will meet with their teams during the allotted time to discuss the upcoming year….commitments, tournaments, expectations, etc.
  • Pictures - We will be taking pictures of players at the kick-off meetings for pass cards and for college recruiting purposes. It is REQUIRED for all new players and anyone who doesn't already have a picture in 2enroll.  Please wear your white jersey if you need your photo taken. Sample jerseys will be available for players to utilize if needed.
  • Uniforms - Motor City Soccer (the Jaguar uniform supplier) will be available during the evening with sample uniforms for sizing and instructions on how to order and pay for the uniform kit online. Motor City Soccer and the Jaguars highly recommend that players try on all items to assure that the right size is ordered. Please make time before or after your team kick-off meeting time to visit Motor City Soccer, but not during your time slot.
  • Fan Wear - Motor City Soccer will also have the line of Fan Wear items available to view and purchase.